Aims and Scopes



 Misan Journal of Engineering Sciences aims to provide a forum for a broad blend of scientific and technical papers to reflect the evolving needs of the engineers. Mainly welcome are contributions dealing with all applications of engineering principles and theories in all specific aspect of engineering science. Articles of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome. The primary goal of the new editors is to maintain high quality of publications. There will be a commitment to expediting the time taken for the publication of the papers. The articles that are sent for reviews will have names of the authors deleted with a view towards enhancing the objectivity and fairness of the review process.

The submitted papers undergo plagiarism, a double-blind peer review by professionals in the paper specific specialty. This process is accomplished according to the Journal criteria of evaluation, where the manuscript, contents, and organization of the paper are to be checked. The papers will be available online for the readers. 


The scope of the journal includes a broad range of areas in the disciplines of engineering and technology and their related topics. Misan Journal of  Engineering Science tries to confirm on publishing high-quality papers with an acceptable, professional and considerable background.

The journal covers following disciplines:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Computer Engineering and Information Technology

Civil and Architecture Engineering

Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Petroleum and Mining Engineering

Material and Chemical Engineering

Biotechnology and Bio Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Automation and Mechatronics Engineering

Marine and Agriculture engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Other disciplines