Open Access Policy

Misan Journal of Engineering Sciences (MJES) produces publications that are totally open access, meaning that everyone can view them online as soon as they are published. Every article published in the MJES is immediately available for reading, downloading, and sharing at no cost. The MJES allows researchers to read, print, and download articles under the conditions of a Creative Commons license 4.0 (CC-By). Researchers are also allowed to translate the article and reuse parts of it or extracts from it in other works. To ensure their originality, all submitted publications are compared using Turnitin. After that, they undergo a thorough peer review process by reviewers from around the world. For writers, the advantages of open access include:

  • Authors are granted unrestricted copyright on their works.
  • Unrestricted access for all users across the globe
  • Quick publishing
  • No limitations on space