Archiving Policy


Through the open access policy, all authors have the complete ability to self-archive their accepted and published works both before and after they are published in Misan Journal of Engineering Sciences. The copyright of academic works is retained by the authors, who are free to store pre- and post-print versions, publisher's versions, and PDFs in private, institutional, or library repositories at any time without needing permission from the publisher or journal. Following acceptance and publication, authors of articles published in DJES are allowed to deposit their accepted manuscript or the version of record (published papers) in institutional or centrally organized repositories. They can also make this material immediately public, as long as they correctly cite the journal and give credit for the original publication. After their work is published, authors are free to make it publicly accessible on their own websites, in libraries, repositories, or other locations as long as they deposit the URL of their work along with the PDF version and properly credit the journal name as publisher and other relevant information.