Flexural Behavior of Normal and High Strength Self-Curing Self- Compacted Concrete Beams of Local Materials


  • Enas Khudhur Basra University
  • Aqeel H. Chkheiwer
  • Adel A. Al Menhosh




beams- Self-compacting Self-curing Concrete; High-strength; PEG400; LECA; Flexure


In some construction industries, there are difficulties in achieving the required concrete
compaction, Self-compaction is an alternative option. Working with self-compaction self-curing
concrete requires a unique approach. This study aims to examine the possibility of producing self-
compacting concrete with normal and high self-cure rates. This research observed how both the self-
curing and self-compacting concrete behaved under normal and high-strength conditions. Two stages
were prepared for this investigation. The first stage of this research studied the effect of a curing agent
on the fundamental characteristics of both normal-strength and high-strength self-compacting concrete,
with the aim of achieving self-curing self-compacting concrete. The primary variables of this study
include the grade of concrete, the type of curing agent, the reinforcing bars, and the dosage of these
variables. In the second stage, reinforced concrete beams were cast with one of the two proposed
concrete types, and their behavior was studied. The findings were analyzed in terms of the beginning
cracking loads, the ultimate loads, and the crack patterns of the testing beams. According to the results,
both the normal-strength and the high-strength varieties of self-curing self-compacting concrete are
effective in providing structural features, which are absent from the processes of curing and compacting.
Curing chemicals are utilized to mitigate the process of water evaporation in self-compacting concrete,
hence enhancing the water retention capabilities of self-compacting concretes that possess enough
hardened concrete characteristics.




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Khudhur, E., Aqeel H. Chkheiwer, & Adel A. Al Menhosh. (2023). Flexural Behavior of Normal and High Strength Self-Curing Self- Compacted Concrete Beams of Local Materials. Misan Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2(1). https://doi.org/10.61263/mjes.v2i1.47