The Journal: Overview

The journal was founded in 2020 under the name of Misan Journal for Comparative Legal Studies. Its function is to publish comparative legal studies and research. It is a refereed journal recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and is issued periodically in physical or electronic format, and it can be issued in both ways together. The journal publishes two issues per year and it is semi-annually.  

The journal allows researchers and those interested in legal affairs to publish their research and scientific products and to assist in the establishment of a legal library rich in specialized scientific periodicals whose contents include all branches of law. This is what the Misan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies has been keen on. It supports the societal development, which is in its entirety what the legal journal lives up to as a priority of its interests to allow publication in it for all comparative legal studies that apply the recognized scientific conditions, foremost of which is adherence to the formal and objective conditions of scientific research in terms of method, language, and content, in addition to presenting the research with its contents of scientific serenity for publication in the journal only, provided that it has not been previously published.

Misan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies is a non-profit journal. Publication fees are taken to cover the expenses of managing and editing articles. In addition, native English language proofreading is also covered.

Objectives of the Journal

Misan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies is a specialized refereed journal, issued every six months by the College of Law at the University of Misan, and is published physically and electronically. It aims at:

one: Publishing innovative research prepared by legal researchers in the scientific fields related to comparative legal issues and related to law in order to enrich and develop the scientific research in these fields.

two: Contributing to the enrichment and deepening of legal and political knowledge through the publication of original legal research and studies that have not been published before, by matching these studies to the sober standards of the various branches of law, in both Arabic and English ​​from both inside and outside Iraq, which would constitute a real addition to the fields of the journal.

three: Consolidating the scientific and intellectual links between the College of Law at the University of Misan and its counterparts in other Iraqi, Arab and international universities.

four: Addressing contemporary humanitarian issues within the framework of the law, and keeping pace with the movement of development in law at the national or international level.

five: Striving to keep pace with development and modernity in the field of comparative legal studies and research to advance the level of scientific research.

six: Keeping the legal researcher up to date with the latest legal studies, raises the level of research submitted to it, based on the researchers’ attempt to keep pace with development.