Privacy Statement

Misan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, since its founding, has always made scientific activities and scientific research among its priorities and strategic plan by supporting the scientific output of researchers, thinkers and faculty professors in the scope of various legal sciences, to open horizons of knowledge and creativity in the vastness and space of science to keep pace with the ongoing social, political and economic developments of In order to contribute to its analysis, study, and the development of solutions and treatments for it through research and specialized legal studies that represent the juice of the ideas and visions of researchers and their constructive proposals after diagnosing its strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of decision-makers, and enriching the legal library with these scientific findings as rich sources of specialized information.

Misan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies is a non-profit journal. Publication fees are taken to cover the expenses of managing and editing articles. In addition, native English language proofreading is also covered , publishing fees in (MJCLS) is 100,000 Iraqi dinars for every 25 pages, and the more pages are calculated for each page, 5,000 Iraqi dinars.