Crimes of sabotage and smuggling affecting foreign investment in Oil sites (Comparative Study)

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Nasser Karimish Khader Aljorany
Hameed Yasir Raddad


Protection from sabotage and smuggling crimes affecting foreign investment in oil sites provides guarantees that investment projects are exposed to crimes that sabotage the national economy, whether their purpose is mere sabotage, terrorist purposes, or to prevent foreign investors from entering the country.

Providing protection from sabotage and smuggling crimes that affect foreign investment in oil sites is of great importance in preserving the national economy from attacking it, by providing the appropriate investment environment for foreign investors to enter the country, and then this leads to the recovery of the economy and the creation of different job opportunities for many segments, by punishing people who commit these serious crimes that affect foreign investment, whether this punishment is based on the general rules in the applicable Iraqi Penal Code, or what is contained in the special laws concerned with the issue of oil, gas and foreign investment, such as the effective law for the preservation of hydrocarbon wealth, the law against smuggling of oil and its derivatives, and the investment law for the liquidation of effective crude oil, from objective penalties that are imposed on the perpetrators of this type of crime of high danger to society, so that these measures lead to attracting foreign investments and taking all necessary measures. Legal procedures that also facilitate foreign investors, to the country.

The failure to provide this protection leads to the reluctance of investors to enter any country, fearing for their lives and their money that they throw to invest in the state. Usually, foreign investments inside the country provide large funds that are entered into the state, and increase the level of economic development, especially in countries that do not have the resources necessary for the purpose of investing their natural resources, or even the lack of trained employers in this subject

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ناصر كريمش خضر الجوراني, & حميد ياسر رداد. (2022). Crimes of sabotage and smuggling affecting foreign investment in Oil sites (Comparative Study). MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(7), 200–226.