Objective confrontation of domestic violence crimes A comparative study))

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Zuhair Rashid Aziz
Ameel Jabbar Ashour


     The phenomenon of domestic violence has spread dangerously in our Arab society, especially in the Iraqi society, due to the social and cultural conditions, as well as the economic conditions represented by poverty and unemployment, which led to a large number of domestic violence crimes, Therefore, research on the topic of objective confrontation of domestic violence crimes is of great importance, as it is based mainly on the need to deal with this topic in particular because it is one of the sensitive topics Which related to the most important nucleus of society, which is the family, and despite that, the legal legislation has dealt with this phenomenon, but this treatment was incomplete and needs a lot of amendment to address the defect in legal legislation and Special Iraqi Penal Laws

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زهير رشيد عزيز, & اميل جبار عاشور. (2022). Objective confrontation of domestic violence crimes A comparative study)). MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(7), 338–351. Retrieved from https://www.uomisan.edu.iq/law/mjcls/index.php/mjcls/article/view/132