Obligations of the parties in the event of ship stranding In international waterways

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Maher Al-Saeed Muhammad Gbr
Ghaith Ayoub Youssef Saleh


     The research included two chapters, in which, through the introduction, the importance of the research was clarified. The two researchers were interested in the issue of ship stranding in the Suez Canal and its disruption as a vital and important navigation passage linking the East and West of the world, explaining that any defect or disturbance related to the canal passage has a severe impact on the traffic in it. Causing many problems with regard to the movement of global trade, so what happened from the delinquency of the Panamanian ship Ever Given in the width of the canal, causing its closure, leaving behind more than 400 ships stuck in the canal, inflicting heavy losses on the transport and shipping sector in the world, not to mention the high prices in the markets as a result of the arrival of Shipments are late, and also as a result of high transportation costs, which will raise many problems related to the obligations of the parties to the transport contract, and who is responsible for compensation for The damages caused by this dangerous event. As for the research problem, it was embodied in the complexity and overlapping of relations between the parties that were damaged as a result of the stranding of the Panamanian ship, and thus also the difficulty of determining the obligations of the parties, and who is responsible for compensating these damages. Or the Ever Given Company that operates it, or the Bernard Shawkat Ship Management Company, which handles the technical management of the ship, all of these questions need to be answered accurately, which exposes us to many difficulties

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ماهر السعيد محمد جبر, & غيث أيوب يوسف. (2022). Obligations of the parties in the event of ship stranding In international waterways. MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(7), 403–426. https://doi.org/10.61266/mjcls.v1i7.138