Arbitration of Disputes Electronic works Availability Contract (A comparative study)

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Ahmed Hashim Abed
Hussein Abdullah Abdulrdha


The contract for making electronic works available is one of the contracts that generate mutual obligations between the two parties to the contractual relationship, and because the two parties to the contract are often from two different countries, the disputes of this contract are characterized by an international nature, and each country has its own legal system, and these disputes are often over the financial compensation for the author. Not at the regional level, but often at the global level, through the Internet or other modern technological means. Hence, the dispute within the framework of a contract for the availability of electronic works takes the form of international disputes, which, according to their nature, require rapid resolution, which leads the parties to the necessity of resorting to both types of “local-international” judiciary, as well as the urgent need to resort to international arbitration as a quick means of resolving disputes. By their nature, they are mostly urgent

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احمد هاشم عبد, & حسين عبد الله عبد الرضا. (2023). Arbitration of Disputes Electronic works Availability Contract (A comparative study). MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(9), 477–517.