Legal authentication to registered unregistered property a comparative study))

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Ream Lazam Abed Omran
Ghani Resan Jader


Real estate registration is on of the important issues on the  legal level to its many practical applications in this era ,the essence of the research topic deals with the stages that real estate registration has gone through since ancient times until the present day ,man has known the idea of real estate registration since ancient in every era the disposal of land was subject to certain registration procedures aimed at establishing the right of ownership for its owners and protection dealing with it from fraud and deception ,the land was distributed among the families and the land was not transferable except after the approval of the individuals.

And that the renewed registration of the property raises many questions the most important of which is the legal authentication of the stages of the unregistered property, as well as the legal  authentication of the  procedures for registering the unregistered in this time

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ريام لزام عبد عمران, & غني ريسان جادر. (2024). Legal authentication to registered unregistered property a comparative study)). MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(8), 169–193. (Original work published July 23, 2023)

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