Provisions Regarding Criminal Liability for Assault by Vaccination Against Viruses

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Muammar Khaled Abdel Hamid
Raad Fajr Fateeh


Assault with contagious and deadly viruses takes countless forms and forms, ranging from intentional enemies to unintentional assaults, where the perpetrator in the first follows the path of intending and deliberately criminal behavior, as well as intending the criminal result resulting from this behavior, which is infecting the victim of the assault with vaccination, with the intention of taking his life. Or afflicting him with a permanent disability that makes him unable to perform his work, or giving him viruses accompanied by a purchase, and other times it is viruses are accompanied by purchase, and other times infection with viruses occurs through negligence and unintentional error, where the offender behaves willingly without intending the consequences resulting from this behavior, complete with negligence, recklessness, and failure to observe the duties of caution. And be careful. Intentional criminal behavior and its consequences have become a matter of jurisprudential dispute. The reason for this is that most laws do not include criminal provisions that apply in the event of intentionally infecting others with the virus or negligently infecting them. In light of this deficiency, in general, and with the seriousness of crimes committed through the use of viruses, some countries have responded with special legislation that criminalizes such behavior.  Intentional assault with viruses and microbes has multiple forms that vary and multiply according to the legal condition corresponding to the criminal incident, including crimes of murder by poison, crimes of giving harmful substances, the crime of intentional murder, the crime of assault and intentional wounding, as well as crimes of terrorism, genocide, and injury through non-therapeutic medical experiments, and all of these descriptions. The new French penal code applies to them and Egyptian, especially crimes resulting from injury Intentional infection with viruses and deadly diseases

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معمر خالد عبد الحميد, & رعد فجر فتيح. (2023). Provisions Regarding Criminal Liability for Assault by Vaccination Against Viruses. MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(9), 165–186.