The Legal System of Financial Credit (Comparative Study)

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Zahraa Hishaam ALkazzaz
Ahmed M. AL Rubaie


The financial credit is an estimate of the state's valuation statement of the state's expenditures and income for a future period of one year, which requires the approval of the legislative authority, which is considered a major tool of the state's financial tools through which it operates. To achieve the social and economic goals needed by the state, financial credit goes through four stages, starting with the first stage called the preparation and preparation stage, and the second stage called the approval stage. Finally, the implementation stage.

So, increase the financial credit importance, and affect with state economic situations, and increase its effect on the economic and social areas in the state, and became a tool used by the state to realize the aim of the financial, economic, and social policy

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زهراء هشام القزاز, & أحمد محمود الربيعي. (2023). The Legal System of Financial Credit (Comparative Study). MIsan Journal of Comparative Legal Studies, 1(9), 220–250.